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  Steam accounts 4dig\5dig\6dig\7dig\random
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| My Skype: big_name88
| My website: [url=""][/url]
Hey guys,
6 digits with Original email - 2$
7 digits with Original email - 1$

All accounts included Original Email and 5 year coin.

4 digits

[HL1] STEAM_0:1:X555 +Original Email
[HL1] STEAM_0:1:888X +Original Email
[HL1] STEAM_0:1:23XY +Original Email
More in stock contact me for more information.

5 digit

Price: 15-25$
 "Steamid list"
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:1337Y
[HL1] STEAM_0:0:111XY
[HL1] STEAM_0:0:100XY
[HL1] STEAM_0:Y:222X2
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:9Y999
More in stock contact me for more information.

More in stock contact me for more information.

6 digits

6 digit Steamid - 2$ for Random id
unique 6 digit - 10$
More in stock contact me for more information.
 "6 Digits Steamid list"
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:33Y333
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:118888
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:558888
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:444555
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:333300
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:55A59A
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:666677
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:226622
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:666226
More in stock contact me for more information.
+ have accounts with original Email

7 digit

7 digit Steamid - 1$ for Random id
unique 7 digit - 10$

 "7 Digits Steamid list"
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:1181X88 + STEAM_0:X:1181Y88
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:2223332
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:22222Y2
[HL1] STEAM_0:X:1221221+ Original Email
[HL1] STEAM_0:1:1337XYZ+ Original Email
More in stock contact me for more information.


- <strike>I wont go first in any situation.</strike>
- I do not trade unless stated otherwise.
- All accounts are VAC clean and UNVERIFIED.
- When you trade with me, you accept all of these rules.
- All accounts without League experience

Q: What is a steamid?
A: See our article on what SteamID's are here: What is a SteamID

Q: Why aren't there any good games on this account?
A: We only sell accounts that are "ununsed". This means that they haven't been logged into in several years, and over 10 years in some circumstances. Any account that has newer games or activity is at risk of being stolen or locked.

Q: Will this account have the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5 year veteran coin?
A: Yes

Q: Does this account have the 10 or 11 year badge for steam account age?
A: It depends on the digit, but yes, all accounts with a 7 digit or under will have a 10 or 11 year badge.

Q: What is "Original Email" or "OE"?
A: Older steam accounts use emails to log in as their username. Sometimes we have these emails available so you can match the steamguard verified email and the login username. A lot of times this will increase account security and provide that extra warm and fuzzy feeling when using your account. As you might know, steam account names consisted of an email address until early 2004. Thats why OE does NOT exist for higher SteamID's.

Q: Can I change the email login to an account?
A: No. The username of an account cannot be changed. You may wish to buy an account with OE so you can own the email associated with the login email.

Q: Is this account safe?
A: Yes, our accounts are completely safe and will never leave your hands once you own them, guaranteed.

Q: Is this account market ready?
A: Not in most cases. Accounts that register a new email other than the OE (original email) will have to wait 15 days before using the steam market or have trading abilities.

Q: What payment methods u accept?
A: PayPa/Webmoney/Perfect Money/CS:GO Items

| A, B Stands for same. 0:0:9AABB = 0:0:92233
| X/Y/Z Stands for random number. 0:0:XY = 0:0:19 or 0:0:37...

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