Jio pos plus app

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Reliance Jio is the first Indian mobile network operator to gain millions of customer database in such a short time. The milestone achieved by Reliance Jio would not be possible if they haven’t provided free service i.e. free internet, calls, SMS for a whole year and after it, they had dominated the whole telecom market by providing a huge amount of data per day at very affordable prices. Previously, we used to pay Rs 300 or more for 1GB 4G data which we use for an entire month but after Jio’s digital revolution, we are getting 1GB 4G data or more per day with free calling for the entire month at the same price. Shrug Emoji

Isn’t that awesome? And due to this, customers were and are migrating to Reliance Jio to get maximum benefits. Due to the increasing number of users under Jio database, distributors, preferred retailers and retailers started showing interest in promoting Jio products and services to the customers.

Previously, Jio retailers don’t have any platform to perform all the Jio related activities and but now, they don’t need to worry a bit because Jio has launched a new jio retailer app i.e. Jio pos plus update app through which retailers can manage all the Jio sim & products in their retail store.

This app can be managed by Jio partners only not the Jio giga fiber customers. Now, you may be thinking what I meant by saying Jio Partners? Right? Well, we are going to explain it to you now.
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